Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One

Photos in anticipation of Tiny Ruin's new album Brightly Painted One. There's more where these came from.

Cool Rainbows - Whale Rocket

Here is a long overdue post about Cool Rainbows' first album Whale Rocket. Shit yeah. I took those photos and helped (in the broadest sense) Reuben Stephens to put the album artwork together. This is the front and back covers.

Listen to their album for free at their bandcamp page here and if you like it you should definitely buy it (secret: the vinyl is BLUE and it's a steal). I can't recommend them enough. 

Tiny Ruins

Listen here.  Photos by me. 

Test Runs

I recently invested in a Nikonos IV-A underwater film camera and I'm figuring out how to use its unique focusing system.

Cool Rainbows

 Long overdue photos!  Djeisan Suskov of Cool Rainbows and other various cool things.  We took them up at the Auckland Museum last October in front of the Rudall Hayward audio-visual exhibition.  Which is also cool and worth looking at. 

Whose turn is it next? 

Photos by me.